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Patchouli Tea: Health Benefits - Get More than Just a Drink

When most people set out to buy patchouli tea, it is either because they love the fragrance of the essential oil and would like to try the tea, or it is because they have realized the many benefits of this unusual herb. Patchouli has the botanical name of Pogostemon patchouli and comes to us from the Indies and China. It is a popular fragrant essential oil, but not many know that it is also a delicious and medically valuable tea. When you buy patchouli tea, make sure you are buying from a good and cautious supplier, such as Buddha Teas.

While the fragrance of the essential oil of patchouli actually improves with age, when you buy patchouli tea, you need to make sure you get a quality product that has been properly cured. Tea can be made with almost any substance, but when you are seeking medicinal qualities in a plant, sometimes it is necessary to have the plant treated in such a way so as to encourage the medicinal properties. Buy patchouli tea from a source that focuses on herbal teas, as they will have the best quality merchandise. Always make sure you check the botanical name when ordering.

People may buy patchouli tea for the taste and fragrance, but they are also getting a product that has been used to cure snake bite, expel parasites, treat skin infection, act as an aphrodisiac and improve digestion. Patchouli can also work to remove the excess water from your system, and flush toxins out. One of the best benefits of patchouli is the antibacterial qualities. It has been shown to be very effective against fighting certain types of bacteria such as staph infection. It can slow down the cell to cell infection with these bacteria, and increased your resistance to it as well.

Historically, patchouli has been used for medicine and fragrance for many years. It is only with the recent surge of interest in herbal medicines that scientists are beginning to realize just how astonishingly effective these remedies can be. When you buy patchouli tea, you are buying a product that can sooth sores, heal chapped lips and skin, and fight infection in wounds. You are also enjoying a product that is a favorite aromatherapy scent, and even the tea is thought to induce relaxation and decrease tension in the muscles. You can enjoy the many benefits of this fragrant herbal addition.

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