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Patchouli Tea - More Than Just Medicine

Patchouli is an herb that has been used for centuries in the East, and was relatively unknown in popular culture until the 1960’s. With the explosion of exploration into Eastern music, dress and fragrances, patchouli became a staple of perfume and essential oils and remains a popular choice to this day. However, what many people do not realize is that patchouli also comes as a tea, and patchouli tea benefits are as unexpected as they are well rounded. Patchouli tea is made with the dried leaf of this member of the mint family, and offers medicinal and relaxation qualities when you drink it.

What is interesting to note is that Patchouli was traditionally used as a treatment in dysentery and typhoid, and that recent studies have studied the antimicrobial effects of patchouli on both typhoid and staph and found that it did indeed inhibit the spread of infection. While Patchouli tea benefits may not include protecting you from a typhoid outbreak, you can use it to boost your immune system to certain types of bacteria. In addition, it acts as a mild diuretic to flush the toxins out of your system in order to keep your lymph nodes working properly to produce antibodies.

This fragrant herb is primarily thought of as an essential oil to use in candles and incense, and most people have no idea that it is also fantastic for your skin. The active components in patchouli can work to reduce the evidence of scars on the skin. In other words, the next time you make a delicious cup of patchouli tea, rub some on your skin as well. Patchouli tea benefits your skin in many ways; it acts as an insect repellant of the first order, and will soften and sooth irritated areas caused by bugs, dry skin or allergens.

You can also enjoy the patchouli tea benefits to keep your digestive system in working order. Ancient lore of patchouli stated that it has been used to reduce bloating caused by gas, and can help cure diarrhea. If you choose not to use patchouli tea internally, you can use it externally as an astringent for minor cuts or scrapes, and it makes a wonderful application to bruises. It can soothe tired and aching muscles, and the anti-inflammatory properties of this fragrant herb can help you inside or out, or use the tea bags as a moth repellant in your delicate clothes.

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